If you’ve been running a restaurant without much success for a particular period of time, or even if you’re just beginning your restaurant and you realize that there’s something missing in your business, then perhaps it’s time to take a second look at your restaurant and how you run it.

While we are sure that you have most of the restaurant running tips and rules down to pat, we’ve put together a few of those tips that most restaurant owners are either unaware of or forget with time.

Don’t be arrogant about the food.

Tasteful and well-presented food is the most important factor when it comes to a restaurant’s success; and we’re sure you know that. This is probably the first thing you put your concentration in when opening your restaurant. But having a competent chef who makes good food isn’t a reason for you to stop thinking about its quality with time. Always be aware of what you feed your customers; give it a taste test once in a while. If you are the chef at your restaurant, then ask a friend or trusted person to give their opinion on your food. Be flexible enough to change your food style according to your customer base if necessary.

Cleanliness of your restaurant.

Take a good look at your restaurant. Is the cleanliness of the restaurant and kitchen lacking standards? Make sure to emphasize on the importance of this with your staff. Assign certain areas to particular staff members so it’s not a classic case of “I though you’re doing it!” Have someone look into their job every day. Conduct spontaneous cleanliness inspections once in a while. If you feel your staff aren’t competent enough in this area, opt for professionals that do cleaning.

Check with your local cleaning services if they do cleaning and sanitising in the food industry and hire the best.

Friendly service for the customers.

Having a friendly front of house is vital. It’s quite natural for your staff to get tired or even bored after a long shift. But make sure that this doesn’t affect the way they treat the customers of the restaurant. Train your staff to always be friendly, helpful and polite with your customers. In the event of a problem or a tense situation, make sure they know how to handle it delicately and diplomatically. Remember the golden rule “The customer is always right”.

Using social media.

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with people and be updated with them. This can be the same for a business. Use social media to advertise and get closer to your customers. This is a great way to find out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your restaurant. Encourage your customers to give their reviews. Create a hashtag for your restaurant, and upload attractive pictures of your food and fun moments at the restaurant to make it interesting. You can even announce upcoming events and offers at the restaurant through your social media.

The important thing is to always upgrade your restaurant, regardless how minute it is, and Invest on your time carefully. Remember, laziness and carelessness can get your restaurant a bad reputation and bad name effortlessly. Don’t take the chance.