Security is very necessary nowadays and keeping the security of your home and workplace is very important. Security can be maintained with the help of surveillance. Surveillance can be done with the help of security systems. And to maintain surveillance properly we need to get surveillance systems installed in the places or the areas that need security. They can be public or private both.

Surveillance systems can be installed at many places like –

• Homes

• Offices

• Railway Stations

• Bus Depots

• Malls

• Business Centers

• Markets

• Schools

• Colleges

• Public places

• Traffic Signals

The Systems installed at these places can also be called as commercial security systems in Sydney. Installing such a security system is very easy. You need to take care of few things while installing a home surveillance system. You need to follow some simple steps through which you can install a surveillance system in your home in minutes and all by yourself. Nowadays companies are trying to make the installation process of such systems easier. With the advancement in the technology, the installation of these surveillance systems is becoming highly user-friendly. From the mounting procedure to the first time setup of the device everything has been made easy and simple. If you will choose a Wi-Fi-based system it becomes easier because there is no requirement of hassling with long wires.

Here is a quick view of the general installation process:

Recorder Installation

• Take the recorder, it should be unplugged. Then slide the top panel.

• Connect the recorder to the Hard disk using power and data cables.

• Fix the hard disk with the recorder through screws and fix the panel back.

• Switch on the recorder to get a pop up asking to format the storage drive.

• After the formatting is done, the system automatically gets rebooted.

Camera Installation

• Remove the camera from the packaging.

• Connect all the cameras to the recorder with the cables or Wi-Fi.

• Switch it on and login with the default user ID and password so that system adds the camera automatically.

• Run the installation pop-ups and once the video is started the camera installation process is completed.

Recorded First Time Setup

• After switching on the recorder, a popup with setup wizard will appear.

• Instructions will be shown on the screen.

• Enable the Network so that Recorder will set the date and time automatically.

Home Screen Introduction

• As per the number of cameras, the default setting on the screen will be divided showing the live streaming of all the cameras.

You can check the quick guide or call the company technician if any further help is required. This is a simple and general procedure to install a security system.