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The New Way Of Packing And Shifting Houses

Shifting house brings joy and excitement to some, extreme dread to others. But no matter how you feel about it, it’s one of those things that we all go through, at some point or the other. Even if you never have to shift house, you may have to be part of the process of shifting your office from one location to another.

It’s a tedious, time consuming and tiring process that requires much thought and careful preparation and sound execution. You don’t want to lose things. You don’t want your belongings being broken or dented by the time they reach their destination.

You also don’t want to throw out your back or have yourself a hernia in the process of lifting and handling heavy packing containers. Nor do you want to have to spend good money in the purchase of cardboard or wooden crates which you have to figure out how to dispose of once you have finished unpacking them at your new house or office. What a bother!

So what does one do?

You categorize.

The packaging material used should ideally depend on the items that you pack. For some, such as loose leaf tea or a barrel of wine, container made of good old fashioned timber is still the best. For most household appliances and gadgets, cardboard packaging still rules the roost. You’re not going to see a refrigerator or a stereo reaching your home in anything but traditional cardboard.

Cardboard is what has always been used when shifting house. However, a new material is making its appearance in this arena – Plastic.

Plastic you say?

Plastic moving boxes are picking up the trend, offering durability and strength boxes, coupled with increased reliability, water resistance and all the other wonderful things that plastic is known for.

Some moving boxes come with sturdy wheels; thus eliminating the need for heavy lifting which may be hazardous to your back. These are easy to pack and seal exceptionally well; eliminating the need to further fastenings with sticky tape or cords.

Plastic moving crates can be hired, instead of being purchased. Thus saving you money. Since these containers need to be returned once they have served their intended purpose for you, you don’t need to figure out where to keep them, nor how to dispose of them in any other way. Simply use and return.

It’s the new trend in shifting your belongings from point A to point B. In the long term, these crates and containers will prove to be a more sustainable solution in more ways than one.

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